Creating a Safe Space for the LGBTQ+ Community in Colorado Springs

The LGBTQ+ community in Colorado Springs has endured a lot in recent years, from the closure of the Pride Center to the mass shooting at a gay nightclub that left five people dead and 17 injured. In response to these tragedies, the Prism Community Collective is taking action to provide a safe space for the community to heal and move forward. Led by the nonprofit Community Health Partnership and including other related organizations, the Collective plans to open its center in a downtown building this winter. The mission of the Collective is to promote access, equity, and power among LGBTQIA2+ youth through leadership, promotion, community building, education, and peer support. While operational plans are still being developed, different organizations could be hired to organize programmatic events.

Colorado lawmakers are also considering a bill to allow the use of supervised drug use centers in the state. Regina Dipadova founded Inside Out in 1990 at the height of Focus on the Family and Colorado Springs' reputation as a city of hate. Now, nearly a year after the mass shooting, the Prism Community Collective is working to create a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community to come together and heal. The Collective's center will provide resources and support for members of the community, helping them to move forward and create a better future.