The Impact of Nonprofit Organizations in Colorado Springs on Education

When it comes to identifying which priorities are best supported by the request, social impact companies and not-for-profit organizations in Colorado Springs, CO have a lot to offer. These organizations exist in a variety of industries and can have an equally diverse set of social impact objectives. According to Liebert, the Springs community is likely to invest more in social issues such as homelessness, veterans and the environment, a testament to the local military population and the love for trails and outdoor spaces. A relevant cause attracts more people, for the right price.

The Center for Education Policy Analysis (CEPA) works to improve public education by serving as a resource for educational decision makers. They collaborate with schools, districts, state and federal agencies, nonprofit organizations, and other universities to provide research and analysis on issues facing public education. Their mission is to educate, engage, and empower low-income families of color to EMERGE as agents of change for educational equity in our public school system. Additionally, they work to prevent child abuse in Colorado through strong families, organizations, communities and policies.

Mary is passionate about ensuring that people feel seen, supported and nourished. She understands that supporting children's ability to grow in a world where they feel safe and valued has many positive impacts on society, and she strives to be part of that impact. Similarly, Genevieve has benefited from programs designed to support children and families as a child. She understands the immense impact that support can have on families and communities.

In Illuminate, Genevieve finds great purpose in contributing her abilities to a mission so close to her heart. Shannon comes to Illuminate with more than a decade of experience volunteering and working in shelters for victims of domestic violence, as a legal advocate for domestic violence survivors, training manager for a state coalition against domestic violence, a forensic interviewer at a child defense center, and as a training facilitator for child welfare workers working with families affected by domestic violence. She has discovered that when she is open to the willingness to learn and to feeling uncomfortable, she can grow personally and professionally. Danielle comes to Illuminate with a decade of experience raising funds for nonprofit organizations and evaluating programs.

She is passionate about using data and participant participation to learn about and defend community needs, understand health disparities, guide and improve programming, and evaluate outcomes. By knowing first-hand the impact of positive and adverse childhood experiences, Angelica understands that together we can build a brighter childhood and strengthen our communities by ensuring that everyone has the knowledge, resources, and support they need to thrive. Under the guidance of the Executive Director, Angelica leads the interim planning and implementation functions of the Family Connects program in Colorado. Joint Initiatives for Youth + Families (JI) is a 501 (c), 3 nonprofit organization located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, serving the Pikes Peak region.

Cara moved from her native England to Nebraska for seven years before arriving in the Colorado Springs area. Christina comes to Illuminate with more than a decade of experience working in the nonprofit sector, specifically managing volunteers and events and developing programs. Hayley enjoys collaborating with Illuminate staff and partners to continuously improve programs and is driven by the growing need for evidence-based, family-centered and child-centered supports in Colorado. Missy establishes relationships with individuals and organizations that change their perspectives and practices in ways that benefit long-term outcomes for children and youth within communities.

Future entrepreneurs are learning about social impact through classes taught by Liebert at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs. Friends Colorado Springs is in the process of creating a local board of directors and hiring friends and staff. Patsy oversees senior teachers, plans ongoing training for professional development, collaborates with community members to implement Illuminating Child Care in their neighborhoods, organizes daily on-site child care services for parents, partners with families to provide navigational services for long-term child care. Ryan leads the development and execution of strategic communication plans while promoting the organization's educational programs and opportunities.

Illuminate Colorado is the state broker for Circle of Parents; Toni oversees this program providing tools and resources to help families heal. This white paper provides information to help those who work on the Race to The Top (R2T) Committee of Colorado Great Teachers and Leaders; it is intended to supplement the information provided by the Colorado Department of Education. Shana oversees the promotion, development, implementation and expansion of the Circle of Parents model in Colorado with a focus on specialized parenting and care. Are you curious about how Colorado ranks on preschools, K-12s and post-secondary performance measures? This state report card provides an overview of how well Colorado's P-20 education system is doing! Before joining Illuminate Mike studied at the Institute for Development Leaders at the University of Denver; he also worked in nonprofit communications resource development grant writing donor administration event planning volunteer management.

Linda has been instrumental in creating two not-for-profit organizations where she designed implemented financial structures human resources functions; she came to Illuminate with more than 20 years of experience in finance human resource management for nonprofit organizations.